US’s first-ever all-female quintuplets finally all home

(The Woman's Hospital of Texas)

(The Woman's Hospital of Texas)

The U.S.’s first set of all-female quintuplets are now all together at home in Houston after being born in April, Fox & Friends reported on Thursday. Baby Ava was the last to join her sisters after three months in the intensive care unit.

The sisters— Olivia, Ava, Hazel, Parker, and Riley— go through 40 bottles and 60 diapers a day.

When asked how they’re managing with their newborns, as well as big sister Blayke, 4, mom, Danielle Busby answered, “You gottta do what you gotta do.”

Now that there are an uneven number of babies at home, the couple told Fox and Friends that they play rock, paper, scissors to decide who gets to sleep in and who has to get up and feed a third baby— with four, they each used to take two.

“It’s such a relief to finally have them all home,” dad, Adam Busby, told Fox & Friends. “[We] couldn’t find amount of time we wanted to keep going back up there to hospital every day. We’re just thrilled to finally have them all home.”

For both of her pregnancies, Danielle had intrauterine insemination (IUI).