4-year-old cancer patient saves six lives

Marilyn Nieves

 (Marilyn Nieves)

In the wake of their son’s death by cancer, a Chinese couple has donated their little boy’s organs— a choice that helped save six other lives, Central European News (CEN) reported.

Chen Lin, of Wuchang in northeastern China’s Heilongjian Province, had terminal cancer stemming from an egg-sized tumor in his spinal cord. Lin had slipped into a coma before he died.

The boy had been living with his grandparents after his parents had taken jobs in the city.

"We wanted to give our son a better chance of success in life, and to get the money to provide him with a good education and a good start. It all seemed to be going well, and we couldn't believe it when after a brief period of sickness our parents called to say had cancer,” his dad, Chen Qinghui, 29, told CEN.

Lin’s family first noticed his symptoms when he began walking strangely, after which he began throwing up. He soon was unable to walk and had become comatose by the time he was taken to the hospital.

"The decision to donate our son’s organs didn’t come easy, but we believe it’s the right thing to do. It was his grandmother’s idea. She said the organs could save many children who are still suffering,” Lin’s mother, Zhang Shuangshuang, 27, told CEN.

After the boy’s death at a hospital in the provincial capital of Harbin, his organs were harvested, including his heart, cornea, liver, lungs, and kidneys. The organs are in good condition and can all be donated, doctors said. Lin’s kidneys and liver have already been successfully transplanted to patients in northern China.

According to CEN, Lin’s family went into debt to pay his medical bills, and will not be compensated by the families whose children will benefit from the organs, nor will they get any payment from the health service.