Florida boy celebrates end of radiation with surprise visit from Power Rangers

Aiden Lopez poses with his beloved Power Rangers superheroes

Aiden Lopez poses with his beloved Power Rangers superheroes  (

A 4-year-old Florida boy considered a hero by many met his favorite superheroes Wednesday, when the staff at the hospital where he is being treated for cancer arranged for a surprise visit.

Aiden Lopez’s medical journey began March 2, when doctors told his parents that a tumor had consumed his right kidney and it would need to be removed, reported.

After surgery, he stayed at  the University of Florida Health Cancer Center for 11 days, during which he began radiation treatment.

“We actually started radiation within one week of surgery,” Aiden’s doctor, Dr. Naren Ramakrishna, told “The surgery removes the gross tumor, and the radiation and the chemotherapy are to eliminate microscopic residual tumor.”

During his radiation treatment, Aiden was required to wear a special “shell,” which helps to keep him still. Staff turned the shell into a Power Rangers suit, and decorated the radiation room with pictures of his favorite Power Rangers.

On Wednesday, Aiden underwent his final radiation treatment and was surprised to see his beloved superheroes walking into the room. Aiden rang the ceremonial bell to signify the end of his radiation treatments and posed for pictures with the action stars before performing moves of his own.

Aiden still faces six months of chemotherapy and his hair has started to fall out, but doctors have given him a positive prognosis, reported.

“I try to hold it in,” Valerie Perez, Aiden’s mom, told the news channel. “If he is sleeping and I look at him, that’s when I get emotional, but I try to keep it together.”

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