Australian siblings working to raise awareness for childhood cancer

Nicholas Forwood

Nicholas Forwood  (Nicholas Forwood )

A trio of Australian siblings are working to raise awareness of childhood cancer after the youngest, 3-year-old Nicholas, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

“The night I was told he had cancer was the worst day of my life,” Luke Forwood, 13, told

“I was crying within seconds and my first question was will he live?” he said.

Nicholas has undergone months of chemotherapy and radiation, a bone marrow transfusion and surgeries during his treatment, according to

“He’s still not cured, but he is strong,” Charlotte Forwood, 11, told

Both Luke and Charlotte are now involved with The Kid’s Cancer Project, an Australian charity aimed at funding research for childhood cancer. The pair have raised close to $300,000 through a bake sale and shaving their heads.

“It’s a lot of money but still only a drop in the ocean,” Charlotte told

The siblings spoke to a group of lawmakers recently to appeal for more funding and research.

“Our little brother is fighting for his life and doctors and researchers are still working hard to find the cure,” Luke told them.

“Now we want to raise awareness and tell everyone that kids with cancer need your help. What will you do to help beat childhood cancer so no one ever has to go through what we did,” he asked, according to

The Forwoods were joined by Dr. Luciano Dalla-Pozza, head of oncology at Children’s Hospital Westmead, who echoed their sentiments.

“There is no prevention for childhood cancer and there are no risk factors that can be averted,” Dalla Pozza said, according to Today we are informing members of parliament that childhood cancer is an important story to be told and why research is so important.”