An Argentinean 1-year-old whose parents brought her to the United States for what they hoped would be a life-saving operation to treat a rare bone disease, has died, CEN reported.

Helenita Galban, who was suffering from a rare condition of osteopertrosis that caused her bones to grow hard and excessively thick, traveled to Minnesota for a bone marrow transplant. The surgery is the only known treatment for the rare disorder, CEN reported.

Helenita had previously received a bone marrow transplant from her father, 30-year-old Leonardo, but it failed. For the second transplant, doctors determined Helenita’s 29-year-old mother Cecilia to be a match, CEN reported. People from all over the family’s home country had sent donations to help pay for the trip.

A Jan. 19 message on the family’s Facebook page said Helenita had contracted a bacterial infection and died several days later.

“With a soul in our hands, we have to tell you all that Helenita has left this world to once and for all rest in peace. The earth mourns for our little fighter, a baby girl who showed us not to give up until the last breath,” the post read.

“Through the messages we have had from across the country we know that many people mourn the end of our fighter with the heart of a lion, while heaven is celebrating the arrival of a new angel. Thanks, Argentina, for your love, companionship and prayers. Thank you for being a part of this hard journey,” the message said.