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Family holds blood drives for 2-year-old with rare disorder


Peyton Williams turned 2 on Sunday, and, due to a rare blood disorder, has already received 15 blood transfusions. Now, her family is paying it forward by organizing blood drives in their community, reported.

Williams has Diamond-Blackfan anemia (DBA), a disorder that prevents bone marrow from producing red blood cells, resulting in severe anemia. About 800 people in the world have the disorder, which has no cure.

“She’s fabulous; she’s full of energy … everyone always says, ‘Oh my God, I never would’ve known that there was anything wrong with her,” her mother, Danielle Williams, told My Fox Detroit.

On Saturday, with the assistance of the American Red Cross, the family held a blood drive in Taylor, Michigan, in honor of their daughter.

“The outpouring of support has been incredible,” Kyle Williams, Peyton’s father, told the news channel.

The family started the nonprofit Peyton’s Pals in hopes of finding better treatments and a cure for DBA. While Peyton no longer requires consistent blood transfusions, she may need them again in the future.

The Williams family emphasized the importance of blood donation and noted that one pint can help up to three people. This weekend’s event drew over 100 people.

“We couldn’t ask for a better present for Peyton. It’s really to celebrate her life— that she’s made it another year and it’s really a great present for all of us,” Danielle said.

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