Autistic boy's wish for Christmas cards comes true

Kam Humphrey's wish for Christmas cards has come true with the help of strangers.

Kam Humphrey's wish for Christmas cards has come true with the help of strangers.  (

The mother of a young Georgia boy recently diagnosed with autism was surprised to hear how simple his Christmas wish was this year— and even more blown away by the public’s response to help make it happen.

Kam Humphreys, 6, told his mom all that was on his list this year was 100 Christmas cards.

“Cards? You want cards?” Nikki Humphreys, Kam’s mom told “Because I’m thinking video games, toys, I’m thinking, you know, a 6-year-old,” she said.

Humphreys posted her son’s request for cards on Team Kam’s Autism Awareness Facebook page, where C. Mo’s Kids saw the post. The organization helps special needs children participate in outdoor activities.

“When we saw Nikki’s post about all he wanted for Christmas was cards, it kind of, you know, tugged at our hearts,” Marriane Wood, of C. Mo’s Kids, told C. Mo’s Kids then shared his wish on its Facebook page as well.

Kam’s goal was met in just a few days, but the number of cards being delivered hasn’t slowed. Humphrey’s told the news station there were so many at one point that the mailbox’s door was knocked off.

Each day, Nikki and Kam sit and read each card, and add it to the “card tree” that’s growing on their wall.

“Did I ever think it would reach this? No, but it did,” she said.

The outpouring generosity is helping make the season bright for the mother-son duo, and helping to restore their faith in the kindness of strangers.

“In public, if he has a meltdown, people think it’s a temper tantrum. I get comments, I get stares and kid’s laugh at him,” Humphrey’s said of her son.

“It’s our life. it’s not normal; it’s difficult. But I wouldn’t trade it for nothing,” she told

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