Girl loses parts of all four limbs after contracting rare bacterial infection

This undated photo shows Alyssa Sippley before she contracted a rare bacterial infection.

This undated photo shows Alyssa Sippley before she contracted a rare bacterial infection.  (Alyssa Sippley's Medical Fund)

A rare bacterial infection has cost a 9-year-old girl to lost parts of all four limbs and a hospital stay that’s lasted nearly two months.

Alyssa Sippley, of Canada, initially started showing symptoms of an illness in November, but her family thought it was the stomach flu, CBC News reported.

Doctors later confirmed it to be type-A strep throat, which within days led to septic shock and caused blood to clot in her limbs.

Sippley was rushed to IWK Health Centre in Halifax where she received a blood transfusion. Doctors were forced to amputate both arms from the elbow, one leg completely and the other leg from below the knee.

“You can imagine, you know, she is our world, we were scared to death,” Yves Sippley, Alyssa’s father told CBC News.

The family will be spending Christmas in the hospital with her as she continues recovering.

“We honestly thought that we would’ve lost her because she had a five percent chance to live,” Caitlin Sippley, Alyssa’s older sister told CDC News.

“We’re still greatly concerned, I mean, she’s not completely out of the woods yet,” Yves added.

Caitlin said Alyssa, who also wears hearing aids, is aware that she lost her limbs but that she doesn’t think it will slow her down.

“She has quite the character and everybody always loved her uniqueness,” a post on the family’s GoFundMe page said.

The family said they are overwhelmed by the outpouring of support they have received from all over, even beyond Canada.

“It’s really helped us through all of this. We just hope to God that we get through all of this. I think she will because she has such a strong will to live,” Yves said.  

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