Power hour: Fusion workouts combine your favorite fitness classes for big results's Diana Falzone tries a new workout that fuses some of your favorite routines into a power-hour for maximum results


Fighting the battle of the bulge can become an all-out war in the winter, but the right kind of workout can help ensure your victory.

Now, BFX Studio in New York City is offering gym-goers a new weapon for their arsenals, with a class aimed at confusing your muscles for maximum results.

“If you go and you just do one thing every day, you're body's just going to adapt to that,” Amanda Butler, a BFX Studio Fitness Xpert, told “You want to keep changing up your routines, and that gives the muscle confusion and that's where you get the results, the change.”

Muscle confusion is the regular practice of adding different activities and exercises into your workout routine to avoid hitting a plateau. Some fitness experts say it can help you lose weight, increase stability and build strength.

“We're gonna accomplish a great cardiovascular, cardiorespiratory exercise,” Colin Turek, BFX Studio Fitness Xpert said. “But then we're also gonna pair it with other exercises that target muscle engagement, strength and conditioning, so that you really get a full body exercise in the least amount of time.”

FusionRide classes start with 30 minutes of intense spin to get your heart pumping. For the second half of the 1-hour class, participants can choose from body-sculpting workouts that incorporate everything from dance and yoga, to strength or interval training.

“…An hour of spin can be a little bit much, when you do a half an hour, you start with it, you get really sweaty, it puts your muscles in that perfect state and then you burn more calories when you go to the next part,” said class participant, Christina Allgood. “So for me, if I can bang that all out in an hour, I'm good to go.”

BFX’s fusion classes start at $30, and monthly unlimited passes are available.

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