Brain Cancer

Newlywed raises money for husband’s life-saving brain cancer operation

Central European News

Central European News

In just two days, a bride was able to raise enough funds for a life-saving operation for her new husband. The groom discovered he had brain cancer two weeks after they exchanged vows, reported Central European News (CEN).

Vlad and Andra Brasoveanu, both 26, were on their honeymoon in Dubai when Vlad began experiencing severe problems with his eyesight. They flew back early to their home in Ploiesti, in southern Romania, and went to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with a deeply rooted brain tumor that would be impossible to operate on in their home country.

According to the couple, the only slight hope was an operation in Germany that cost 40,000 GBP ($63,387), but they needed the money immediately, as every day could delay the operation’s chance of success.

The couple made their appointment at INI Hannover clinic in Lower Saxony, Germany and began to appeal for donations. In that time, their story quickly traveled around the world and they had enough funds within days.

Vlad’s surgery was moved a week ahead of the original appointment and the Romanian SMURD (emergency rescue service based in Romania) agreed to transport the couple to Germany for free.

The couple are now waiting to see if Vlad’s surgery was successful.

"I just want to bow in front of all those who helped, and wish you all good health and happiness in return for what you have done,” Andra told CEN after the surgery.

"First it was family, then friends and then many people that I do not know, people I’ve never heard of, and I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart, it’s something I never expected, never thought possible," Vlad told CEN.

Vlad and Andra’s story made it to Germany, where supporters sent well-wishes and non-cash gifts— one even offered accommodations during their stay in Germany.

One message they received said: "My house is yours, I’ll give you my food, I’ll make my car available to you, I will help you with the translation of documents."

Vlad will begin radiotherapy combined with a chemotherapy procedure in the next six weeks. The family has said they’re optimistic and believe things will turn out well.