Son recalls mother's battle with E. coli at FDA hearing on food production regulations

Richard Simpson recounted his mother’s painful battle with E. coli today at an FDA hearing on food production regulations.

His mother died an agonizing death, possibly because of just a few bites of raw cookie dough she ate years ago that was later recalled.

Linda Rivera died in July 2013, four years after eating a few spoonfuls of prepackaged cookie dough that was later found to be contaminated with E. coli.

Her kidneys stopped functioning and she went into septic shock after eating the raw cookie dough. Over the years, she became sicker as more organs failed.

“There were moments of hope — and of despair,” Simpson said today, according to ABC News. “She fought very hard. We knew she didn’t want to give up.”

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“Eventually her body just couldn’t take it,” said Bill Marler, Rivera’s friend and attorney who handled her case against Nestlé, the maker of the contaminated cookie dough.

Marler said Rivera was “probably the most severely injured E. coli victim I have ever seen.”

Simpson spoke at the FDA hearing today fighting for stricter food regulations. He said he is doing it so another son doesn’t have to testify about his mother’s death because she ate contaminated food.

Nestlé recalled its pre-made Toll House cookie dough in 2009 after dozens of E. coli illnesses were reported.

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