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Woman, 72, says Delta removed her from plane because she looked ill

Woman, 72, says Delta booted her from plane ... because she looked ill

This Oct. 30, 2013 photo released by the State of Alaska Central Region Department of Transportation & Public Facilities shows a Delta Airlines plane on a runway, at right, in Cold Bay, Alaska. (AP Photo/State of Alaska Central Region Department, Jeff Doerning)

An elderly woman says a Delta crew treated her "like I had leprosy" when they removed her from a flight earlier this month … for looking sick.

Suzanne Hays, 72, tells First Coast News she felt fine as she waited for her flight to Florida to take off on Aug. 5. But a passenger sitting next to her thought otherwise and told the crew she looked "tired and drowsy." Hays is naturally pale and has a neurological disorder, she explains.

But the crew thought she might be contagious, and asked her to leave the plane. "Contagious with what?" she says. The crew threatened her with a police escort, she says: "I was begging them not to throw me off the plane ... I started crying and crying." To ease the sting, the airline gave Hays a $20 voucher for tea and soup, she says.

Then she spent a further hour and a half in the airport before she was put on another Delta flight. A Delta spokesman says the airline is investigating the incident.

Meanwhile, Hays doesn't want to fly Delta any time soon ... other than when she returns home next week. (Read about a dad who almost got kicked off a plane ...

for tweeting.)

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