Few things say summer like a cool cocktail. From boozy to smoothie, we've created the ultimate seasonal drinks, packed with fresh fruit—so, yes, they're even healthy.

When summer's heat hits, go easy on the ultra-sugary margs and mojitos. Instead, raid the farmers' market for ripe fruit and fragrant herbs to craft one of these easy, refreshing drinks. Our recipes keep the sugar and calories in check while still packing in plenty of flavor from a rainbow of fresh produce. Freeze chunks of fragrant melon to make a luscious slushy. Crush blackberries into a spicy, gingery bourbon cocktail. Simmer tart rhubarb to make a blush-pink syrup for spritzers. Or go for full-on summer nostalgia with a strawberry-soda ice cream float (amazingly, it clocks in under 250 calories). Share a batch with friends, or with your guy, and your day just got even brighter.

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