10-year-old girl saves father's life with Facebook post

A daughter's cry for help on Facebook saved her father's life.

The Vance family was sitting on a porch at their West Virginia home last week, when lightning struck a nearby tree, [pinning] Gregory Vance beneath heavy trees and limbs.

The storm knocked out cell phone signals, so Vance's 10-year old daughter Brianna posted a video on Facebook requesting an ambulance.

She’s the reason Vance made a safe return home from the hospital Saturday, right in time to celebrate Father's Day.

"It's the greatest one in my opinion, and we haven't even cooked out or went nowhere or done anything. Just sit here in the house and be together and enjoy each other," Vance said.

After suffering a broken shoulder, ribs and various disks in his back, his children have been nursing him back to health. 

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