Special-needs bulldog battling cancer inspires others

Family, Facebook friends fight to keep canine alive


A special-needs bulldog is battling cancer – and inspiring thousands along the way.

Griffin, a 5-year-old English bulldog from Maine, was born with swimmer puppy syndrome, a developmental disorder that causes dogs to have flat chests and abdomens, leaving them with splayed legs.  Most dogs with this condition cannot walk, and many are eventually euthanized.

According to his owners, Lisa and Chris Bassett, Griffin was within an hour of being put down when they rescued him.

"We just thought, ‘Oh my gosh, this dog needs a family,’" Lisa Bassett told My Fox Philadelphia.

Now, Griffin has his own custom wheelchair that helps him not only to walk, but even run, anywhere he goes.  He also has more than 12,000 Facebook friends from around the world, who send him words of encouragement along with toys and treats.

And after being diagnosed with lymphoma in 2013, those loving words have taken on a whole new meaning.  Griffin’s fans have raised $20,000 to help the pup battle his cancer.

The Bassetts don’t know how much longer Griffin has, but they know he has inspired many people along the way.

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