Hearing Loss

Video captures moment when deaf woman hears for the first time

The moment a deaf woman heard sound for the first time has been captured in a new viral video, BBC News reported.

Due to a rare condition called Usher syndrome, 39-year-old Joanne Milne, from Gateshead, England, has been deaf all her life, and began losing her sight during her 20s.  But recently, Milne was fitted with cochlear implants – surgically implanted medical devices that electrically stimulate the auditory nerve in the inner ear.  Though these devices cannot fully restore an individual’s hearing, they can help provide recipients with the sensation of sound.

After the surgery, Milne’s friend Tremayne Crossley filmed the moment when the implants were switched on for the first time.  In the video, Milne bursts into tears as a nurse reads to her the days of the week.

"The switch-on was the most emotional and overwhelming experience of my life, and I'm still in shock now,” Milne told BBC News. "The first day everybody sounded robotic, and I have to learn to recognize what these sounds are as I build a sound library in my brain.”

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