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Cow ‘Hero’ gets new prosthetic hooves

Raw video: Texas cow lost rear limbs to frostbite


A Virginia cow is headed home with a new pair of prosthetic hooves, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Hero the calf was found freezing in a Virginia field in November and eventually lost both of his back hooves to frostbite. Kitty Martin, of Selah Ranch All Animal Rescue, rescued Hero and brought him to Texas A&M University.

There, veterinarians performed a five hour operation to fit Hero with prosthetics - removing two inches from each of his back legs to make the appendages fit.

"He's doing amazingly well," Martin told the Houston Chronicle. "The staff at A&M have gone above and beyond the call of duty for him."

Vets at the hospital said Hero should be able to live a normal life – though proper at-home care is key.

"He gets up, he walks around, he chews the cud, he's doing everything a happy, healthy calf would do," Angela Clendenin, spokesperson for the college of veterinary medicine at Texas A&M, told the Houston Chronicle.

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