New mom sparks controversy after posting selfie of chiseled post-baby body

'Fox & Friends' viewers react to new mom's photo


Another fit mom is receiving backlash online.

Caroline Berg Eriksen, wife of Norwegian soccer player Lars-Kristian Erikson, recently gave birth to daughter Nelia last Monday.  Four days later, she posted a selfie to her Instagram account showing off her post-pregnancy body.  Clad in a bra and underwear, Berg Erikson reveals her extremely fit abs and tiny figure.

"I feel so empty, and still not 4 days after birth," the 26-year-old fitness trainer wrote in her caption for the picture.

According to, the photo has set off a firestorm online, with many commenters debating whether or not Berg Erikson should have posted the picture.  Many argue that normal women’s bodies do not bounce back so quickly.

"I think: WHO ARE YOU TO POST THIS IMAGE? What do you want to say with this picture? Who are you talking to? What is the good purpose here? Why is this positive?” Suzanne Abel, an online blogger, wrote.

Berg Eriksen said she posted the photo because she was amazed at how quickly her baby bump went away.

“During the pregnancy, people kept telling me that my body will never be the same and I wanted to show everybody that’s not entirely true,” she told ABC News.

Recently, another fit mom, Maria Kang, sparked controversy when she posted a picture of herself, showing off her fit stomach while surrounded by her three children.  The photo’s caption read, “What’s your excuse?”  

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