3 healthy Thanksgiving swaps

Ready for a healthy and happy Turkey Day? 

Healthy, gluten-free living is an easy endeavor when you consider using “this” instead of “that”. By swapping out less health-conscious ingredients for more nutritious ones, you’re sure to be eating a balanced diet you can smile about. 

Try these easy swaps and then check out my gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan Almond Cookies - they're the perfect guilt-free Thanksgiving dessert!

  • 1. Apple cobbler

    Apple cobbler

    Make your own homemade apple cobbler using almond flour, ground cinnamon and baked apples instead of white flour with refined sugar. It isn't necessary to use a ton of butter or oil in your holiday baking; use nonstick baking spray to coat the baking dish and bake the apples until tender to ensure they release their natural, sweet juices.

  • 2. Gravy


    Pass on the salty canned gravy. Instead, make your own gravy by saving the drippings from your roasted turkey and adding a bit of fresh herbs, such as herbs de Provence, for an extra kick of flavor without the additives in processed gravy.

  • 3. Potatoes


    Swap your white mashed potatoes for sweet potatoes. You can serve mashed sweet potatoes or enjoy sweet potato casserole without the added butter and cream. Simply bake the potatoes then mash them together, along with olive oil, sea salt and freshly ground pepper for a flavorful side dish without the added saturated fat.