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Weight Loss

Spa claims ‘python massage’ induces fear in order to boost metabolism


A huge reticulated python, which keepers say is a whopping 14.85 metres (48.7 feet), sits in its cage at a recreational park in Indonesia. A spa in Bali is now using pythons in massage treatments. (REUTERS/Dwi Oblo)

Customers at a spa in Bali, Indonesia, can now opt for a new, slithery type of treatment: a “python massage.”

Offered at the Bali Heritage and Reflexology Spa, the procedure requires customers to lie on their stomach as a python slithers along their back, Medical Daily reported. The spa maintains there’s no reason to fear being eaten mid-massage, as customers are accompanied by two staff members throughout the process and all pythons are fed 30 minutes before the treatment begins.

The spa says that the treatment offers patients’ a more intense massage – in addition to triggering adrenaline, which they say could help boost metabolism.

While massages are known to be associated with many health benefits, the benefits of a python massage are unclear. However, previous research has indicated that a surge in adrenaline may help trigger certain metabolic processes, Medical Daily reported.

Another potential benefit? The feeling of relief once the massage is over.

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