Mind and Body

Wristband can help you track your health goals

There seems to be a new gadget for everything these days even keeping track of your health.  Up by Jawbone is a wristband and app system that helps you learn about your lifestyle and reach your goals


If you want to learn more about your lifestyle habits, a new wristband and app called UP, made by the technology company Jawbone, might be able to help.

Users wear the wristband, which syncs to their smartphones, throughout the day to monitor how many steps they take, how long they sleep, what they eat everyday – and even what their mood is like.

If users are idle for too long, the app will give them a nudge to get them moving again. Additionally, the app can help people wake up at the optimal time every morning.

The band costs $130 and offers customized health tips at the end of each day.

While users should still speak with their doctors about their overall health goals, this app is a good way help people monitor their progress along the way.

For more information, go to jawbone.com.