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Chinese boy whose eyes were gouged out by attacker is getting implants

Guo Bin_AP_Sept 10 2013.jpg

Guo Bin, 6, is pushed on a wheelchair by a doctor and a nurse at a hospital in Taiyuan, in northern China's Shanxi province. (AP Photo)

A 6-year-old Chinese boy whose eyes were gouged out by an attacker is receiving implants at a hospital in southern China after a Hong Kong eye doctor volunteered his service.

The implants are a precursor to fitting Guo Bin — known as Bin Bin — with prosthetic eyes that will look and move more like normal eyes, but which do not restore vision.

A personal assistant to Dr. Dennis Lam Shun-Chiu said the surgery started Tuesday afternoon at Lam's private hospital in Shenzhen.

Police in the boy's home province of Shanxi say they suspect his aunt gouged out his eyes, but have not identified a motive for last month's attack. The woman has since committed suicide.

Ho said Bin Bin and his family travelled to Shenzhen on Sunday.