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Online tool helps keep track of kids' vaccinations

Pediatricians' offices and health clinics have been slammed for weeks as thousands of kids try to get caught up on their back-to-school vaccinations.

If you're child falls behind, getting the child back on track can get pretty complicated, but a free, easy-to-use online tool created by the Georgia Tech Research Institute and the CDC may be able to help.

The site -- located at -- is designed to be easy. Parents or caregivers enter a child's birth date and then plug in as much information as they have about the child's vaccine history, using the school vaccine form known as a 3231.

"They just put in the dates from the 3231 form, they hit the button, and they get a schedule with color indications and dates to help them just take it with them to the doctor's office," Georgia Tech research scientist Sheila Isbell.

This online catch-up tool is currently only available for children six and younger, but there's a downloadable tool for older kids and teens, and adults who want to stay up on their vaccinations.

It gives you a color-coded chart of the vaccines your child has already had, what catch-up doses are needed and what to plan for down the road. You can print it out and take it to the pediatrician.

If you're a parent, you can stick the vaccine scheduler on the fridge or take it to your pediatrician.

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The link for the online "Catch-up" Vaccine Scheduler for children age 6 and younger is:

The Desktop Immunization Scheduler for ages 7-18:

Desktop Immunization Scheduler for Adults 18 and up: