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Respiratory Health

Girl who got new lungs in Philly set for diaphragm surgery

  • Sarah and Janet Murnaghan 6_28.jpg

    Sarah Murnaghan (R) with her mother, Janet (L), on June 28, 2103, one week after her second surgery. (The Murnaghan Family)

  • Sarah Murnaghan_AP_File.jpg

    In this file photo provided by the Murnaghan family, Sarah Murnaghan, center, celebrates the 100th day of her stay in Children's Hospital of Philadelphia with her father, Fran, left, and mother, Janet. (AP Photo/Murnaghan Family, File)

A 10-year-old suburban Philadelphia girl who got adult lungs after her parents sued to change national transplant rules is set for more surgery to repair her diaphragm.

Sarah Murnaghan is set to have the latest procedure at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia at 10 a.m. Tuesday. That's according to a post on the Facebook page of her mother, Janet Murnaghan.

On Friday, the family revealed the girl had to receive a second set of lungs after the first failed within hours of the original June 12 transplant. Her mother says the second transplant was a success and the girl was able to take a few breaths on her own.

Her mother says she had to be put back on a ventilator due to partial paralysis of her diaphragm, a complication of the surgery.