10 Mother’s Day gifts for a healthier you

You work every day of the year to make sure your kids are healthy and happy, but guess what? If you don’t put yourself first, you’ll end up feeling depleted – physically, mentally and emotionally. So when your spouse asks what you want for Mother’s Day, forget the new vacuum and check out one of these 10 great gifts.

  • 1. “I Am” Butterfly necklace

    “I Am” Butterfly necklace

    Feel like a super mom every time you wear the “I Am” Butterfly necklace ($95). Designed by USA champion Lauren Fleshman and Irish Olympian Ro McGettigan, the necklace is hand-crafted from recycled silver and composed of three hearts, which symbolize health, courage, and love. Available at

  • 2. Scosche’s RHYTHM

    Scosche’s RHYTHM

    Scosche’s RHYTHM ($99.99) allows you to keep track of your heart rate, calories burned, total workout time and distance – and it gives you real time feedback of your progress. The Bluetooth-enabled device connects to your phone or tablet so you can forget about that uncomfortable chest strap.  Plus, you can control your playlist from the armband, track your previous workout stats with the cloud-based dashboard, and share your progress on Facebook and Twitter. Available at, Apple retail stores,, Best Buy, AT&T retail stores and

  • 3. Hotdog Yoga Rollpack

    Hotdog Yoga Rollpack

    Running to the office after your workout? The Hotdog Yoga Rollpack ($89.95) is an all-in-one yoga mat bag, gym bag and garment bag. The bag fits any yoga mat, keeps your clothing clean and neat, and has eight separate spaces for your water bottle, phone and essentials. Available at and

  • 4. Eppa SuperFruit Sangria

    Eppa SuperFruit Sangria

    Put the kids to bed and grab a glass of Eppa SuperFruit Sangria ($11.99). Available in red or white, Eppa SuperFruit is an organic chardonnay-based sangria blended with real organic fruit juices from mangosteen, peach, blood orange and mango. And at just 120 calories per serving, you’ll still fit into your swimsuit. Available at and Whole Foods stores.

  • 5. AERIAL7's Neo headphones

    AERIAL7's Neo headphones

    With three different sized double-dome gel ear-buds and memory foam interchangeable cushions, AERIAL7's Neo headphones ($60) give you a custom fit, whether you’re lifting weights or logging miles. The Neo has a built-in microphone and comes in bright color combinations like fuchsia and purple. Available at

  • 6. Sleepio


    Can’t sleep? The Sleepio ($9.99 - $119.99) is an online sleep improvement program that uses cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to help you get more shut eye. For six weekly sessions, Sleepio guides you through personalized techniques and updates you on your progress.  Plus, there are weekly live group sessions with a sleep expert, email reminders, and a library of expert articles. Available at

  • 7. BodyMedia FIT LINK armband

    BodyMedia FIT LINK armband

    Lose weight, get in shape, and get more sleep with the BodyMedia FIT LINK armband ($149, plus activity manager membership). Keep track of your workouts and steps throughout the day, what you eat, the amount of calories you burn, your most active times of the day and how many hours you sleep each night. Send your stats to your smartphone or computer, and use the online activity manager for specific feedback about your progress.  You can also get suggestions on how to achieve your goals. Available at,, Best Buy and Target stores.

  • 8. Numi's Artisan Tea Blending Kit

    Numi's Artisan Tea Blending Kit

    Love tea? Numi's Artisan Tea Blending Kit ($39.99) is an assortment of organic teas, herbs, fruits, flowers and spices, a handmade glass teapot, and a recipe booklet that allows you to create your own signature blend each time. Available at and

  • 9. NYNE NB-200 Bluetooth speaker

    NYNE NB-200 Bluetooth speaker

    Whether you’re pushing the stroller around or you’re out for a solo bike ride, you can listen to your favorite music from your smartphone or MP3 player with the NYNE NB-200 Bluetooth speaker ($99.95). The speaker is light and compact, has a rechargeable lithium ion battery for five hours of playtime, and a built-in splash-proof microphone and customized clips. Available at,, and

  • 10. Peckish


    Got a craving? Get Peckish. Choose from a weekly, biweekly or monthly subscription, and get three full-sized packages of nutritionist-approved healthy snacks, like Rise of the Almond Queen and Tropical Island. All snacks are minimally processed and are free of trans-fat, partially hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors. Available at ($14.99/box).