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Pet Health

Pudgy pup undergoes surgical 'tummy tuck'

  • Obie before and after surgery.jpg

    Obie before and after surgery (Nora Vanatta)

  • Obie excess skin.jpg

    Obie's excess skin left over from his extreme weight loss. (Nora Vanatta)

  • Obie recovery.jpg

    Obie recovering after surgery. (Nora Vanatta)

  • Fat Obie.jpg

    Obie when he was 77 lbs. (Nora Vanatta)

If they had a “Biggest Loser” TV show for dogs, there’s one pudgy pup from Portland who could be the star.   Yesterday, the four-legged friend with a weight problem underwent what may be the first “tummy tuck” for dogs.

Last August, the pleasantly plump dachshund named “Obie” tipped the scales at 77 lbs.  According to Obie's owner, Nora Vanatta, the dog's previous owners had chronic health problems and "simply loved him with food."  After one of their relatives approached Vanatta about Obie's weight issue, Vanatta convinced the aging owners to let her take Obie under her wing.

Since then, Vanatta, who is a certified veterinary technician, has put him on a crash diet and Obie dropped down to 37 lbs.

That left him with a whole lot of extra skin.

So yesterday, a veterinarian in Portland performed the procedure normally administered to humans.

The operation took off about two lbs. of loose, wrinkled skin.

“He’s always had the personality where you can really tell he wants to interact,” said Obie’s owner Nora Vanatta.  “He wants to get around.  So now that he can it’s pretty exciting.  He’s just getting to be a dog.”

Obie’s owner says the dog did amazingly well.

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