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‘Liquid gold:’ All-in-one beauty cream protects, conceals and hydrates skin

Americans spent more than $10 billion on beauty products in 2011.  Every woman wants a fresh and flawless face, but can one product do it all? Leading dermatologists and makeup artists weigh in


In 2011, Americans spent more than $10 billion on beauty products.

And while every woman wants a fresh and flawless face, can one product on the market do it all?

“BB cream is your beauty balm or blemish balm,” said Sara Biria, a pro lead artist for Sephora. “So, it actually helps to cover, treat, protect, conceal and also hydrate the skin. It’s such a unique formula, but it’s an all-in-one product, and anyone can use it.”


A German dermatologist invented the versatile cream in the 1960s to protect patients skin after surgery. It was a hot trend in Asia throughout the 1980s – and it’s now the must-have beauty product in the United States.

Dermatologist Debra Jaliman says her patients come in asking about this “liquid gold.”

“It has a camouflage component,” said Jaliman, author of Skin Rules: Trade Secrets From a Top New York Dermatologist. “It has an anti-aging component, and for many people, it also has an anti-blemish component. So, if you want one product that does it all, this is your product.”

BB cream is designed for any age group, skin tone and skin type.

Most versions come with a SPF built in, which is important for anti-aging.

But, Dr. Marina Peredo, a New York board-certified dermatologist, said it probably won’t turn back the hands of time.

"Some products have maybe a grape-citric extract that is an antioxidant,” she said. “It’s OK on its own; (but) I don't really think its going to be an anti-aging product."

For a younger appearance, Peredo said to use additional products with retinol, peptides and vitamins C and E.

Many manufacturers are making their own versions of BB cream in a wide range of shades and prices.

Doctors warn that women with problem skin may not have the same glowing results.

But many beauty experts are true believers.

“Women are loving it so much;it’s streamlining your skin care and makeup products into one product that’s going to give you all the benefits – why wouldn’t you want to use it?” Biria said.