Hurricane Sandy: How to Stay in Shape when Your Cooped Up at Home

Superstorm Sandy has left the scene, but its affects will linger for some time. It is still dangerous to venture outside—piles of debris, flooded roads, torn trees, and snapped power lines—so your regular runs or gym sessions have no doubt been put on hold.

Until everyday life returns, you can still stay healthy and active inside your home even with no power or gym equipment. All you need is your body weight and a little space.

Here is an eight-step workout that focuses on high-intensity interval training that hits all the major muscle groups. You can dial it up or down depending on your fitness level. You even can break it up into mini-routines of two to three workouts.

The Anywhere, Anytime Body Blaster

The Exercises

1. Burpee with Push-Up

2. Squat jumps

3. Walk Forward and Backward with Push-Up

4. Skater Jumps

5. Squat Jumps In and Out

6. Mountain Climbers

7. Plank, Alternating Arms

8. Plank, Push Up, Twist


-Perform one exercise after another with minimal rest in between or as you need it according to your fitness level.
-Do 10 reps of each exercise.
-Repeat two times.
-Rest 90 seconds at the end of each circuit.
-Warm up around 5 minutes by walking or marching in place.
-Stretch at the end.
-Perform this routine three times over the week.


-Perform one exercise after another with minimal rest in between.
-Do 15 reps of each exercise.
-More advanced: Challenge yourself by doing as much reps as you can in 30 seconds.  
-Repeat three to four times.
-Rest 60 seconds at the end of each circuit.
-Warm up around 5 minutes by walking, marching in place, or doing knee raises.
-If you have some dumbbells, add them to the routine to increase the intensity. No dumbbells? Use gallon containers or bottles of water.
-Stretch at the end.

Marta Montenegro is an exercise physiologist, certified strength and conditioning coach and master trainer, who teaches as an adjunct professor at Florida International University. Marta has developed her own system of exercises used by professional athletes. Her personal website,, combines fitness, nutrition and health tips, exercise routines, recipes and the latest news to help you change your life but not your lifestyle. She was the founder of nationally awarded SOBeFiT magazine and the fitness DVD series Montenegro Method.

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