Hispanic Heritage Month: Zesty Shrimp Ceviche Recipe

Using all fresh ingredients is key to making a good ceviche. This particular recipe pays homage to Ecuador where adding a tomato base is customary . This recipe is very easy to prepare and light but sure to satisfy your seafood appetite. Be sure to try during Hispanic Heritage Month and beyond.


Tomato Sauce Ingredients

• 1 large tomato, seeded and chopped
• 2 jalapeños, seeded and chopped
• 1 red bell pepper, seeded and chopped
• ½ small onion, finely chopped
• ½ cup lime juice, freshly squeezed
• ½ cup orange juice, freshly squeezed
• ½ cup tomato saud
• 1 tablespoon sugar
• ½ teaspoon kosher salt

Ceviche Ingredients

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• 1 pound large shrimp, blanched
• 1 small red onion, thinly sliced
• 2 tablespoons chives, chopped
• 2 tablespoons scallions, thinly sliced
• 2 tablespoons cilantro, chopped
• 4 tablespoons, chopped nuts for crunch and garnish (optional) – We used honey roasted soy nuts


1. Chop all ingredients.
2. In a pot, add tomato, white onion, jalapeño, red bell pepper and tomato sauce.  Heat for a few minutes.
3. Take half the ingredients and puree in a blender.
4. Reunite with chopped veggies in pot.  Add salt and combine.  Set aside.
5. To blanch shrimp, first prepare an ice bath which is a large bowl filled with water and ice and have readily positioned next to the stove.  Bring a pot of water to a boil, sprinkle with salt and add shrimp.  
6. Heat for one minute, then transfer shrimp (using a slotted spoon) to the ice bath until completely cooled.  This will stop the cooking process.
7. Once cooled, lay shrimp over paper towels to dry.
8. In a large glass bowl, combine shrimp, chives, scallions, red onion, cilantro and juices.  Chill for 30 minutes.
9. Add tomato mixture and combine again.
10. Place in four serving dishes and top with nuts.

Serves 4.

Elizabeth Carrion, a Dominican, co-founded Mi Cocina, a New Jersey-based catering service that also offers cooking classes, with her sister, Ana Martinez. Follow her on Twitter: @micocinalatina and visit her website

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