Dr. Delgado on Her Latest Book 'The Buena Salud: Guide to Arthritis and Your Life'

Dr. Jane Delgado talks about her new book "The Buena Salud: Guide to Arthritis and Your Life."


Dr. Jane Delgado is the president and CEO of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health, as well as author of the "The Buena Salud" book series.

“The Buena Salud: Guide to Arthritis and Your Life,” is the latest edition of the series in which Dr. Delgado outlines the concerns and possible treatments for people dealing with various forms of the condition.

Dr. Delgado’s mission with the book series is to present people with easily accessible information that will help to lead a healthier life.

“Arthritis is really a symptom it is not a disease,” she explains, “You have to know exactly what is causing those aches and pains!”

Dr. Delgado has previously said the books target Hispanics but it can serve other communities just as well.

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In previous editions of the series, Dr. Delgado has covered heart disease, depression and diabetes and their relation to the Hispanic community.

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