Top 5 Healthy On-the-Go Food Options



With the amount of hours people work during the day, often we find that getting home at a decent hour and cooking a hot meal in the kitchen is the last thing on our minds. More people in an effort to save time, will choose to buy lunch or pick up dinner at a fast-food restaurant. This could be deleterious to your health if it becomes a habit. There are some fast food options out there that are both affordable and healthier than your average fast-food drive through meal (which I’m not a fan of). Here are a few healthier options you can choose from:

1. Chipotle: the burrito bowl has to be the best invention ever! If you like fresh Mexican this would be all you. Add salsa and avocado and you won't even notice the tortilla is missing. Stick to the lighter meat as this is a better source of protein and will have less fat.

2. Subway: A foot long sandwich provides more nutritional value than a burger with french fries. Avoid any added sodium as most deli meats are already generously salted. Choose oil and vinegar instead of dressings, and try to avoid anything that’s too “fancy”.

3. In & Out: not only are they have great tasting burgers, the beef is grass fed. If you are going to consume meat, it better have had a good diet. Opt for the protein style.

4. Panera Bakery: don't go for the pastries! Although they are most known for these seductive treats, they have great salads that are typically served with the soup of the day.

5. Hit the Grocery Store: going to the store doesn’t really cross our minds when thinking of a quick meal. However, most all of them are have a section with fresh deli and fresh produce and fruits. It's often less expensive than restaurant foods. Places like Trader Joe's and Fresh and Easy often have ready-made sandwiches and salads that you can grab on-the-go with nutrition information attached. This is my favorite thing to do when I travel, because most grocery stores now are carrying organic products.

The more health conscious we become about what we are putting in our bodies, the more our bodies will appreciate us back. It is important to make smart and healthy choices. If you have allergies, always make sure you know what ingredients a restaurant uses to avoid any reactions. Eating organic and wholesome foods should always be the first option. 

Being prepared is the key to avoid the “fast-food” temptation. If you know your going to have a busy day, prepare your food the night before. This is the best way to know exactly what you are eating.

Rosie Acosta is a sunny California native of Mexican heritage, she writes about her passion for Yoga and Mexican Food. She transforms her grandmother's hearty recipes into organic healthy alternatives for a healthier lifestyle. Follow her on Twitter: @RosieAcosta FB: and visit her website

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