Summer Season: Don't Like Your Legs?

Summertime is no time for wearing pants. But if you don't like what you see when you look down at your legs, there may be help.

Many feel self-conscious about how our legs look. Some may have too many spider veins, others may seem too hairy.

North Atlanta Dermatology physician's assistant Anjana Patel says spider veins are a big complaint this time of year, from women and men. The tiny, broken blood vessels make our legs look older than they are.

"I have patients as young as 25 and 27 wanting to know what they can do to treat their spider veins," said Patel.

Sclerotherapy can help. It involves injecting a solution to break down the veins, which are absorbed by the body. Patel says patients usually need about four treatments, at a few hundred dollars each, and it can sting.

"Most patients tolerate it very well, it doesn't require any kind of anesthesia or anything like that. Basically what it feels like is a mild muscle cramp as the medicine is going into the vein," said Patel.

If you're fed up with shaving, waxing and in-grown hairs, laser hair removal can get rid of the fuzz. Most people need four to six sessions, at about $125 a leg, and you may need a few touch ups.

"It feels like a rubber band popping against the skin, but it's short term pain. And it's worth it in the long run," remarked Patel.

For a much cheaper fix with no pain, try rubbing in a self-tanner. They're about $10 to $30 and darkens the skin for up to a week. As an alternative, you could try a spray-on tan.
They're little fixes, but they could have you strutting your stuff with confidence.

Sometimes spider veins can be a sign of a deeper problem: varicose veins. There is a new, relatively pain-free way to treat varicose veins and there's almost no downtime. FOX 5's Beth Galvin will look at that procedure.

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