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6 allergen-free snacks for kids

Birthday cupcakes

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What to Serve
With, seemingly, more and more children being diagnosed with food allergies nowadays, the question of what to serve at school parties and other events has become more weighted. The advantage of the snacks here: They’re friendly to food-allergy sufferers but tasty enough to appeal to everyone. 

Plus, packaged foods are preferable to homemade, because of the reduced risk of cross-contamination. (Always bring along any packaging so a parent or teacher can double-check the label.) For more information about kids and food allergies, see A Parents’ Guide to Food Allergies at School.

Divvies Cupcake Gift Kit
Let them eat cupcakes! This party-in-a-box serves up a dozen moist, homemade-tasting cupcakes housed in a festive container that doubles as a serving tray. Choose from vanilla or chocolate and decorate them yourself with frosting (pick one of seven colors) and rainbow sprinkles.

Free of: Peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, milk.

To buy: $28 for 12 cupcakes, frosting, and sprinkles,

Enjoy Life Snickerdoodle Cookies
Moist and chewy cinnamon-filled cookies get a nutritional boost from ground flaxseed. Also available in grab-and-go packs of two cookies.

Free of: Wheat, gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, soy, eggs.

To buy: $4.50 for one 6-ounce package, for stores.


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Home Free Chocolate-Chip Mini Cookies
Crunchy, bite-size nibblers made from whole oat flour come in boxes or single-serving snack packs—perfect for tossing out to a hungry team or Scout troop.

Free of: Peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, dairy.

To buy: $15 for a case of 12 snack packs,

Nonuttin’ Apple-Cinnamon Granola Bars
Chock-full of whole, gluten-free oats and crispy rice bits, these chewy bars are slim but satisfying. Kids will love the nuggets of dried apples and cinnamony flavor.

Free of: Gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs.

To buy: $19 for box of 12 bars,

Lucy’s Sugar Cookies
Founded by a doctor whose child has food allergies, Lucy’s bakes up a variety of classic cookie flavors, including a crisp, not-too-sweet sugar cookie made with a blend of gluten-free flours.

Free of: Gluten, milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts.

To buy: $5 for 5.25-ounce box,

Indie Candy Allergy-Free Bucket
Check out this clever bucket filled with treats that a teacher can keep on hand to give your food-allergy-suffering child when classroom parties crop up. Bonus: They’re flavored with natural fruit, vegetable, and spice extracts.

Free of: Peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, soy, eggs, wheat, gluten.

To buy: $45 for assortment of gummies, lollipops, cookies, and candies,