A 52-year-old Ohio woman finally got her voice back after she hit her throat on the dashboard in a severe car accident 35 years ago, FOX 19 reported.

Jan Christian broke her neck in four places during that car accident, and she was left with a weak voice. Two years later, she married her husband, who never really heard her speak.

However, Christian recently met Dr. Sid Khosla, an ear, nose and throat specialist at University Hospital in Cincinnati – and he was able to fix her larynx through a series of operations.

Khosla and a colleague compared the theories of how wind affects a jet engine to how wind affects the ability to speak in order to restore her voice. Now, Christian is talking more than ever. 

technology of how wind affects a jet engine in order to restore Christian’s voice, and now Christian is talking more than ever.

“(My husband) used to joke that he had the perfect wife, one that couldn’t talk,” Christian said.

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