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5 healthy habits dogs can teach us


Believe it or not, you can learn a thing or two from your four-legged best friend.

Dr. Emma Raizman, a pediatrician at the Cleveland Clinic, said dogs can teach humans a few healthy habits.

Raizman said the first thing dogs can teach us is to “get out and play.”

“If you look at your dogs they want to be let out all of the time,” Raizman said. They want to run, they want to use their legs and build their muscles, build their endurance and get all of that energy out.”

Raizman added that you can learn portion control from Fido – as you typically feed him the same amount of food at every serving – you should do the same for yourself.

Pay attention to your dog’s sleeping habits.  He makes sleeping a priority, so you should, too.

And you can even learn empathy from a dog, Raizman said.

Dogs are quick to forgive, and studies show that people who forgive easily have less anger and less stress.

Canines show appreciation, and humans should mirror that trait, Raizman said, adding that doing so can help your mental health and build stronger relationships.

“You know when you come home your dog is wagging their tail, they’re happy to see you, and they don’t hold it in,” Raizman said. “They just let all of their emotions show.”