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'Occupy Atlanta' Shelter Tests Positive for Tuberculosis


Nov. 5, 2011: A protestor yells at police after Occupy Atlanta protestors and an officer clashed as he was driving through the crowd on a motorcycle in Atlanta. (AP)

A homeless shelter that has been housing more than 100 "Occupy Atlanta" protesters has tested positive for tuberculosis (TB), WGCL-TV reported Thursday.

At least two people at the Atlanta shelter have contracted the air-borne disease, a highly contagious bacterial infection that affects the lungs and other organs.

"One of these persons was confirmed to have a strain of TB that is resistant to a single, standard medication,"

Fulton County Services Director Matthew McKenna said in a written statement to WGCL-TV.
He said both infected people have begun treatment and are being monitored. It is unclear if the two cases were among the homeless population or the anti-Wall Street protesters.

The shelter has become one of the city's largest bases for "Occupy" protesters since police shut down an encampment at a municipal park last month.

The Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless indicated that two cases have been made public knowledge to the protesters.

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