Dentists Buy Back Halloween Candy to Send to Troops

By now parents are probably looking for ways to get their kids to get off the Halloween candy sugar high.

How about selling the sweets to your dentist? A candy buyback program is underway with the treats then being ship overseas to U.S. troops.

Dentists call it a win-win-win. The kids get some money, we keep unwanted sugar out of their bodies and the troops receive a care package from home.

Sammie Estep and her brother Oscar turned over their Halloween candy. The young kids are taking part in a candy buy back program. Dentists all over the country are paying kids $1 per pound for sweets which are then sent to U.S. troops serving over seas.

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"They were excited," said Dr. Susan Estep.

Sammie and Oscars' mother, Dr. Susan Estep, works at Atlanta Dental Spa in Buckhead.

"They want the cash so they take out the few pieces of their favorite kind and the rest they keep loading into the bag," said Dr. Estep.

Last year operation gratitude collected 125 tons of candy nationwide. The folks in one office brought in 120 pounds alone -- an amount they want to surpass. So students from three local elementary schools are expected to come and sell their candy.

Dentists say the buy back pays off in healthy children.

"We want to get the sugar out of the kids' bodies," said Dr. Estep.

The program also serves as a great way to let the men and women serving our country know their dedication isn't lost on those state-side.

"The troops feel taken care, they feel remembered, especially from kids because they know what that means the kids give up their candy that hits a sweet spot with everybody," said Dr. Peter Boulden.

Oscar and big sister Sammie each turned in five pounds of candy and they knew right away what they wanted to do with their new found money.

"Buy a toy at the toy store," said Sammie Estep.

Of course not everyone is participating in the candy buy back. You should call your local dentists to see if they're taking part. If not, you can log on to operation gratitude's website where you can search for one that is:

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