Bolivia to Promote Milk with Tax from Beer?

Milk it does a body good. But Bolivians prefer beer, instead.

So the Bolivian government has come up a clever way for people to start consuming more calcium: it will use tax money from beer to promote milk consumption.

The South American country's productive development minister complains that beer consumption is rising 10 percent a year while milk consumption is stable. And Teresa Morales says "Bolivians consume more beer than milk." Officials say Bolivians drink 30 liters of milk a year and 35 liters of beer.

Morales is backing a bill that imposes a small tax on beer to finance promotion of milk's benefits. other alcoholic beverages also will carry the new tax. The measure received final approval from Bolivia's congress on Friday.

Morales says the milk industry is running at just 60 percent of capacity.

Based on reporting by the Associated Press.

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