Unhealthy City Employees to Pay More for Health Insurance or Join Wellness Program


Chicago city employees that are overweight, have diabetes or smoke will soon have to pay more for their health insurance, unless they do more to address those issues in their lives.

Some city workers will be going on a diet and snuffing out those cigarettes under a new "wellness" plan rolling out Friday.

It's being called the "carrot-and-stick" approach.

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According to the Sun-Times , workers who refuse to participate in a "wellness program" will see their monthly health premiums rise by $50.

Workers would be screened on a bi-monthly basis to ensure they’re meeting their health goals.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel says the change could save the city $240 million over four years.

Thursday morning, Emanuel said City Hall will help city employees who want to improve their health, and those who choose not to will pay the price.

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