If the U.S. government doesn’t make a change in the food environment, then half of all American adults will be obese by 2030, The Washington Post reported.

A study, which appears in the Lancet, says the U.S. government needs to make healthy foods less expensive, as well as market them more – or else the global obesity crisis will continue to place burdens on the health care system.

In the report, international public health experts said it is almost impossible to maintain a healthy weight, due to changes in the way food is made – and this has led to an “obesogenic environment.”

The study details a plan that calculates the amount of calories a person needs to lose weight.

The study said it’s up to each individual person to lose weight--but the government has relinquished its responsibility to educating people about the effects of obesity. Once the government steps up and addresses the obesity crisis, the study said, then the crisis can begin to reverse itself.

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