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Top 10 Tricks to Be More Active

There's no question that in today's busy world it can be hard to find the time to fit in regular workout sessions. Fortunately, though, staying in good shape and promoting better health doesn't always have to be limited to the confines of your local gym. Instead, if you can focus on everyday ways to be more active, you can burn calories, get leaner and help maintain or even build additional muscle mass. 

By taking a committed approach to staying in shape, you'll have an easier time keeping fit and may even find you enjoy working out a great deal more as well.

Let's look at 10 top tricks to be more active.

1. Join a Recreational Men's League
Often, men find themselves so caught up in their workouts at the gym that they overlook just how enjoyable team sports can be. Get back to your college or high-school days and join a men’s recreational sports league. This is a great way to test your skills again, challenge your fitness level and meet others who have similar interests.

2. Keep Up With the Yard Work
Yard work is actually one of the top calorie-burning activities around, so making some time for it each week is a perfect way to get your fitness on track and get your yard in top shape. Whether you’re cutting grass, planting flowers or trees, or building a rock bed, you’ll hit every muscle in your body.

3. Wear a Pedometer
One of the most effective ways to get more physical activity into your daily routine is by wearing a pedometer wherever you go. Simply seeing how fast the numbers add up can really make a difference on your overall effort to get up and move more, so use this as a wake-up call if needed. After a few days of wearing one, you’ll find that you feel better and aren’t so lethargic due to the extra activity you’ve been adding in.

4. Take on Home Renovations
If you have some time to spare, consider taking on a home-renovation project. This will quickly put your body to work, and, as an added benefit, you’ll be left with a better-looking house. Home renovations can be quite a bit of work, so rest assured that they will keep you busy for at least a couple weeks at a time.

5.Get a Dog
Not only are dogs great for company, but they’ll get you up and active in a hurry. Walking or running with your dog daily is a perfect way to get in shape quickly and enjoy the outdoors. And, if you miss just a session with your new pup, you’ll be sure to hear about it when they beg at the door to get out.


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6. Take Your Significant Other to Dance Lessons
Want to earn some bonus points while reaping fitness benefits? Surprise your girlfriend or wife with some dance lessons. Dancing is actually a great way to boost your muscular endurance and will definitely boost your coordination as well. Best of all, your woman will appreciate the effort and sentiment, so it will make for the perfect alternative to the movie-date-night rut you may be in.

7. Never Spend Your Weekends Indoors
Weekends are meant for activity. Use your days off to go on a short trip away from the city, enjoying the scenery as you do. Hike, kayak or go for an off-road bike ride -- anything that can be used as an excuse to get outside. You’ll kill stress, burn calories and build muscle strength in the process. Plan for a two-hour outdoor adventure and then come home and prepare a nutritious home-cooked meal. You’ll feel great knowing you did something positive for your health.

8. Go Camping
One of the best ways to get active on weekends and kill the stress that’s been building up during the week is to get out and go camping. Your local campground is the perfect getaway, one that fosters high levels of physical activity and will help you relax and recharge. Be sure to schedule in a couple hikes or swimming sessions while you’re out there for added muscle strength.

9. Avoid Elevators
If you want a fitter lifestyle, start banning elevator use immediately. Not only is taking the stairs often faster, but you’ll quickly work the glutes, quads and hamstrings when you do. A few flights up on your mid-morning or mid-afternoon break is a perfect way to boost your metabolism and help wake you for that oftentimes long afternoon stretch before you get to head home.

10. Bike to Work
Biking to work is yet another great way to build fitness into your daily routine and also has the added benefits of helping you save gas money. In addition, during rush-hour traffic, biking can actually be faster than driving, and you may free up an extra 20-30 minutes during your commute.

So don't think fitness has to mean slaving away at the gym any longer. Choose any of these get-active tips instead and start incorporating them into your lifestyle. You'll be looking better and feeling better before you know it.