Miami Man Undergoes Surgery to Save Sister's Life

South Florida man went under the knife to save his sister's life.

Ana Torres quickly tears up when she talks about her younger brother, Michael. "All along, I knew I was going to be fine. I just knew I was," said Torres.

The 53-year-old has been battling lymphoma for several years, and she now has the chance to say goodbye to cancer. Torres is in desperate need of a stem cell transplant. Her brother Michael is her only match. "He was a match, and I was like, I can't begin to tell you," she said.

Michael was ready to help, but doctors said at almost 450 pounds, the procedure could cost him his life.

Doctors said Michael needed to lose the pounds fast, and after undergoing gastric bypass surgery, Michael is seeing results. "I look at myself and I say, 'Oh my God,' but I know that I've lost because I wasn't able to sleep four hours before. I wasn't able to touch my hair. It would have been impossible," said Michael.

Torres knows it will take some time for her brother to reach his goal, but despite the wait, she is at peace about how the events are unfolding. "I said, 'Brother, you come first. You got your surgery done. Everything will come, like I said. Everything has its time. Everything has its place,'" said Torres.

Doctors said Michael could lose up to 150 pounds over the next three months.

Watch Michael and his sister speak about his life saving decision

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