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Woman Survives Being Trapped in Bathroom for 3 Weeks



A French woman has been rescued after getting trapped in her own bathroom for three weeks.

The 69-year-old grandmother got stuck after the lock on the door snapped behind her on November 1.

Despite banging for help for nearly a month, she was forced to survive on tap water before neighbors realized what had happened. They had thought the noises during the night had just been workmen carrying out maintenance.

The unnamed grandmother was rescued from her apartment in Essone, near Paris, by police. They said she had been in a terrible state when they forced their way into the windowless bathroom.

"We broke into the flat and heard noises so broke the bathroom door down,” a spokesman said. "The lock had snapped off and she was trapped. There were no windows and no way out. She was badly malnourished and in a state of shock and has been taken to hospital to recover from her ordeal."

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