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Woman Left Paralyzed After Pole Dancing Class Accident

A British woman was left paralyzed after an accident during a pole dancing exercise class, the Herald Sun reported Wednesday.

Debbie Plowman, 32, from York, England, was hanging upside down from the pole nine months ago, when she fell -- breaking her neck and severely damaging her spinal cord.

Now, the mother-of-two requires a ventilator to help her breathe and can only communicate through a computer that tracks her eye movements.

Plowman, who had attended pole dancing classes for two years, was hanging upside down just  1-foot above the ground when she fell on her head and was knocked unconscious.

"Fortunately, one of her friends was a nurse and knew what to do, otherwise I think she would have died," said her husband, Chris.

Plowman still has feeling from her head to her feet, and brain scans have revealed no evidence of brain damage -- but it could take years before doctors will know whether she will ever regain body movement. 

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