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World's Tiniest Teen Takes Bite Out of Big Apple


 (Reuters )

This little guy's got a big thing for leggy blondes.

The world's tiniest teen took a bite out of the Big Apple Tuesday, topping off his whirlwind tour of the city by sharing a tender moment with a fair-haired New York Post reporter more than three times his height.

Khagendra Thapa Magar, a mere 22-inches tall, smiled ear to ear and offered his tiny hand to shake when 6-foot-2 Mandy Stadtmiller asked if he wanted to go for a stroll near the Manhattan Bridge.

"He likes tall girls," said his translator, Min Rana. "He is fascinated with blondes, because there are virtually no blond people in Nepal."

Magar, a Nepalese student, will become the world's smallest man when he turns 18 next month.

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