'Dimpleplasty' Will Give You Indentations Just Like Mario Lopez

If you want adorable indentations like Mario Lopez or Jennifer Garner — all you have to do is give a plastic surgeon about 10 minutes of your time and a couple thousand bucks.

It’s a new procedure called “dimpleplasty” and it’s the latest must-have facial enhancement, the New York Daily News reported.

SLIDESHOW: What if they had dimples...

The dimples are created when a plastic surgeon makes a tiny incision in the skin to create a small depression, Dr. Richard Westreich, director of facial plastic surgery at Long Island College Hospital, explained to the newspaper. A stitch is then used to hold the underside of the skin, which is held in place with a long-lasting temporary suture.

"You make the cut from the outside because if you do it from the inside of the mouth, you would have to cross through a lot of structures," Westreich said.

It will cost you around $2,000 to get a cute set of dimples. And don’t worry about losing the indents after the sutures dissolve. Doctors say there will be permanent scar tissue left in place to “maintain the dimple,” according to the report.

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