Boy, 3, Saved From Electric Shock by Crocs Shoes

A 3-year-old British boy owes his life to his baby blue Crocs after suffering an electric shock from a faulty hair dryer, reported Thursday.

Harley Sutton-Dormer was in a swimming pool changing room near his home in Essex, east of London, with his mother when he picked up the faulty dryer, sending a bolt of electricity down his body.

"A bright blue bolt of electricity went down his arm and shot out his side... it was awful," his mother, Danielle Sutton, said. "He was screaming in agony and shaking."

She described how all of the clothes he was wearing at the time were "charred" by the current, with the exception of his blue plastic kicks.

"The paramedic said he was really lucky he was wearing Crocs shoes at the time as they stopped the electricity going through his legs and coming out of his feet and probably saved him from serious injury," Sutton said.

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