Children's Health

Boy, 9, Survives Body-Eating Infection, Leaves Hospital

A 9-year-old boy from Northern Ireland has made a miraculous recovery after a severe appendicitis infection spread throughout his body, the Belfast Telegraph reported.

Kian Slaven underwent 30 surgeries to save him from the infection that was eating away at his tissue.

Kian’s mother, Nadine Slaven, 30, said doctors told her to prepare for the worst when her son, who suffers from cerebral palsy and fluid on the brain, was diagnosed with the condition.

"I have always said to any doctor from the start, even if it's heartbreaking to just be open and honest with me,” Slaven said. “They said to prepare myself. That's how serious it was.”

Kian spent seven months in Yorkhill Children's Hospital where doctors removed 35 percent of his skin, part of his bowel and infected muscle and fat.

“I came in to see him and I thought, ‘That's not my child,’ because his hands were covered and his feet were covered. It was like someone had dipped him in a bath of acid,” Slaven said.

Kian shocked everyone with his recovery — something his mother says is nothing short of a “miracle.”

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