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AskMen's Top Cities to Live: Some May Surprise You

Curious about the best cities for men right now? Look no further.

AskMen brought all our expertise on what men want to this year’s Top 29 Cities To Live In. We ranked cities based on dating criteria like the percentage of university-educated women, lifestyle factors like the cost of a Nissan 370Z coupe and professional life factors like the number of vacation days guaranteed by law in each city. We also enlisted our international correspondents in coming up with the best cities for nightlife, sports and overall buzz.

Topping 2010’s list were cities like New York, Tokyo and London, which offer job growth alongside the opportunity to enjoy the spoils through constant openings and a cosmopolitan atmosphere. But, also among the list this year were a few cities that many guys might not be familiar with.

These emerging cities are full of new energy, from urban development to nightlife to new stadiums. We foresee great things for these for cities in the coming years — and now is the time to get to know them.

Cape Town

This beachside South African city is still as laid-back as it gets, even though it’s about to be thrust into the global spotlight with the arrival of the FIFA World Cup. Cape Town is sophisticated, young and full of energy. It’s among the elite group of geographic locations where beaches, mountains and wineries intersect (think Africa’s answer to San Francisco, only different).

Outdoor concerts and festivals are the norm in Cape Town, and the freewheeling mood of the town has been attracting more ex-pats in recent years. The natural beauty of Cape Town, coupled with its growing art scene, make this town one of the best places to be in the years ahead.

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The Colombian capital is becoming a model for sustainability both in Latin America and the world over. In fact, the city is so environmentally conscious that every Sunday, over 100 miles of the city’s crowded streets are closed off to gasoline-powered traffic. Instead, pedestrians, roller skaters and bicyclists take to the streets for a good old-fashioned promenade.

During the week, the Juan Valdez café, located at street level in the Centro Cultural Gabriel Garcia Marquez, is the place to people-watch and drink some truly transcendent Colombian coffee.

The nightlife scene in Bogota is diverse, from salsa clubs like the Gose Pagano to multilevel rock venues like Quiebra Canto. The latest trend? “Underground” electronica venues, sometimes located in unexpected places. One of the most popular is The End, which sits atop the 30th floor of a downtown high-rise.

Have no fears when visiting Bogota; safety is much less of a concern than it was five years ago, and because the country was avoided by tourists for so long, locals are extraordinarily welcoming to outsiders.

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Shanghai is the crown jewel of the increasingly glossy mainland China. This luxury-obsessed city features some of the finest restaurants, hotels and lounges on the entire planet.

The city has seen a growth spurt unlike any other due to the World Expo opening here in May 2010. This event will put the spotlight on the already up-and-coming home of some of the trendiest people and places on the globe. Architecture and urban planning are two of Shanghai’s emerging strengths, and it is now common to see industrial factories transformed into modern, beautiful cultural centers. The Highstreet Loft is one such example. It’s a state-of-the-art fashion and entertainment destination in downtown Shanghai.

If there was ever a city of the next century, Shanghai is it.

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Beirut has always been one of the Middle East’s most sophisticated cities, but it’s now a go-to city for nightlife as well. The clubs are open until 2 a.m. and there are countless hotspots in Beirut’s Gemmayze neighborhood; one of the best is Electro Magnetique.

Before you hit the clubs, make sure to try Lebanese delicacies of lamb’s brain and raw liver at Achrafieh, one of the most buzzed-about Beirut eateries. The next day, work off that hangover at one of the dozens of art galleries and museums that are scattered throughout the city.

One of Beirut’s best traits is the fact that you can visit year-round and find something to do outdoors. The sea is a clear draw in the summer and for the winter months, there is a world-class ski resort, Cedars, just four hours from downtown Beirut.

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