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Signs She'll Still Look Good in 20 Years

Beauty fades with age, and this is especially true, unfortunately, for women.

Years of stress, anxiety, work, and child-rearing leave some women looking more frazzled than Phil Spector on his first day in prison. Not every woman is blessed with genes that make her hold up like Sharon Stone. Your girlfriend is everything you want in a partner: brains, a sense of humor and a naked body that would make any grown man blush. You are considering making this relationship permanent and signing up for the long haul. The only issue: You want assurance that she will still look this fantastic in the decades to come.

Luckily, there are subtle signs to spot now that will tell you if your woman’s appearance will stand the test of time. Here are some clues she’ll look good in 20 years.

1. Her mom looks good

People claim you can tell how a woman will look at a certain age based on how her mom looks at that age. If her mom looks great for her age and seems to be holding up nicely after all these years — she’s still put together even though she hasn’t had a nip of plastic surgery or set foot in a gym (except for that summer of Jazzercise classes) in years — then you’re in luck.

It’s hard to argue with genetics. If mom does have secrets to staying youthful she will be sure to pass them on to her daughter, so the secrets will stay in the family.If her mom is looking long in the tooth and unattractive, there is still hope because she might not want to end up looking like her mother. You just have to hold up your end of the bargain and keep from looking like your old man.

2. All her friends are attractive

Another sign she’ll look good in 20 years is that all of her friends are good looking. They are like a gaggle of hot clones who all speak the same language. Be honest, you would have settled for any member of the group. The good news for you is that she has got to keep up with the girls. Luckily they all share beauty tips and swap secrets.

Those same "besties" are also the biggest competition your girl faces when trying to look good. No woman wants to be the least attractive friend in her circle. If she is already the best looking, she wants to retain her crown. If she is at the bottom of the pecking order she wants to make her move over the next couple of years while the others drop out a couple kids or pack on the weight from married life. Worst case scenario: she kills the cute clan members to make it to the top. Hey, at least you’ll get conjugal visits!

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3. She’s already discussing plastic surgery

Your woman accepts the old mantra that "beauty is pain" and has already come to grips with the fact that if her looks don’t cooperate in the coming years, she may have to go under the knife. She probably already watches reality shows and documentaries about plastic surgery as a type of mental preparation. She has consulted doctors and websites and spoken to women who have allowed their bodies to be the canvases of skilled surgeons. Who knows, she may have already had work done that she isn’t ready to tell you about until she knows you’re sticking around for good.

If she understands that getting sliced by the doc to stay looking young might be an option, you can rest assured she will look good in 20 years — as long as you can keep paying for the medical procedures. If she does mention the idea of plastic surgery, your first response should be "you don’t need it," by the way. It’s common courtesy, really.

4. She hasn't changed much since you've met

She was smokin’ hot the day you met, and she hasn’t changed much over the years. Hell — she doesn’t even look much different than her pictures from high school or college, with the exception of the hairspray and lip gloss. These are all signs that she’ll look good in 20 years. If you’re really lucky it could also mean the best years are yet to come. Some women get even more beautiful with age. Congratulations, there is a possibility you’ll have the hottest wife in the nursing home. That’s good for at least a few extra rice puddings a week from gentleman callers who want to slow dance with her during dance class. If she is really still hot, hold out for Jell-O.

5. She has always taken care of herself

Taking care of her body, her looks and the entire package isn’t something new to your woman. She has been keeping herself finely tuned for years. She also doesn't take part in all the things that will lead to trouble in later years. She takes care of her skin, doesn't bake in the sun or tanning beds and gets plenty of rest. She also pampers herself with mini-vacations, facials, manicures, and occasional spa splurges. She eats well and drinks plenty of water, and she exercises to stay fit.